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Aliant Lithium Batteriladdare CB1210/10A

Aliant Lithium Batteriladdare CB1210/10A

Art. nr: 14-407
Pris 965 kr


Aliant Lithium batterycharger  CB1210/10A

Aliant X, X-P and YLP batteries are compatible with some of the most popular models of chargers and maintainers currently on the market. For those not in possession of any charger, Aliant recommends the use of a compatible model, or of an ALIANT charger in order to periodically recharge the battery, thus avoiding that the vehicle currents discharge to 0 volts the battery in case it is not used for long periods.

CB1210 - High performance and maximum speed charge

Great performance in a small space for this professional charger!
12V / 10A
Recommended for Aliant X and XP batteries - professional use mainly
High-performance charger designed specifically for Aliant batteries. Capable of rapid recharging time thanks to the power of 200 W, light and practical. The battery will recharge from 0% to 100% in less than 30 minutes!

Reducing charging times from 3-6 hours to less than ½ hour
Super-fast charging full 100% charge in less than 30 minutes
Immediate partial recharge : 50% charge in less than 10 minutes
INPUT multi-voltage 100 ~ 240 V multi-frequency 50 ~ 63 Hz

State of charge (percentage - 91.1P = 91.1%)
Instantaneous voltage of the battery
Instantaneous current delivered by the charger

Electromagnetic compatibility [ EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3 ]
CE conformity 
ROHS Regulations [ 2002/95/EC ]